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5 things to avoid for a healthy sleep cycle

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to ensure you remain energetic throughout the day. Your mind and body need a healthy reset to overcome the tasks of the day and start fresh. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily is an ideal sleep cycle for adults and there are ways to achieve this if you quit some habits and choices. Let’s see what things you must avoid to ensure a healthy sleep cycle.

Using your phone before bed
Aimless scrolling and watching videos before going to bed while staring at your phone or laptop will only hinder your REM sleep cycle. According to studies, it is suggested that electronic devices are one of the most important things to avoid for better sleep because they emit harmful rays and may also distract you from a good night’s sleep.

Heavy dinner
While indulging in a heavy dinner might sound like a good idea, it only puts your digestive system under a lot of stress and pressure. Because of your day-to-day schedule and our rapid eye movement (REM) sleep cycle, your organs work according to this routine. Similarly at night, your digestive system needs a reset to be able to function properly for all the meals you put in it the next day. Having a light, gut-healthy meal at night will help you feel less bloated.

Drinking coffee
A lot of people prefer starting their day with caffeine, and while it gives a boost of energy to get you through the day, this caffeine can keep you up at night if you consume it any later than 3 PM in the afternoon!

5 things to avoid for a healthy sleep cycle
According to research, caffeine remains in our body for about six to nine hours, so if you are an early sleeper, then ditch the afternoon coffee and only stick to your morning one.

Watching horror movies
Watching an uncomfortable movie right before you sleep must be avoided for better sleep as it may lead to nightmares. If it’s a movie night, then consider watching something light and fun rather than a horror or a gory movie that might lead to a disturbed sleep due to uneasy visuals.

Serious conversations
Getting into a fight or talking about a stressful topic right before you go to bed may cause some uneasiness in the body and mind. Of course, some days are not the best but try to relax and calm your mind with some breathing exercises or meditation.

Using the right type of mattress is also necessary to get a good night’s sleep. Popular brands like Saatva and Serta offer premium comfort at affordable prices. Their range of mattresses include hybrid, innerspring, adjustable, latex, and memory foam. You can even buy bedding and mattress accessories made with soft and plush materials designed for daily use.

Tempur Pedic® is a renowned brand for quality mattresses. Its Contour Elite Breeze mattress comes with a hard surface that provides support to the natural spinal curvature. The mattress’ firm surface is a great fit for front as well as back sleepers.

Experience the ultimate comfort of memory foam and coils springs with Layla’s exclusive range of hybrid mattresses. Their patented Flippable Firmness™ technology, premium copper infused foam, and individual coil spring layout is designed to provide optimum lumbar support for a good night’s rest.

Just like adults, babies also need a comfortable mattress for restful sleep. The newton baby mattress is one of the best available options. It comes with their patented Wovenaire® technology that makes the mattress breathable and optimizes temperature regulation.

Additionally, y ou should avoid sleeping immediately after a heavy meal, as this increases the risk of heartburn. A large meal stretches the stomach, exerting pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter. This causes acid to back up into the esophagus, leading to pain and irritation. So, having a meal a few hours before sleeping can help you avoid discomfort later.

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